Red Daniels Call of Duty WWII Controller Holder

Need a hand holding your device or controller while charging? Maybe you just want to put Corporal Daniels to work? This Call of Duty gift is sure to be a conversation starter likely to please any fan of Call of Duty WWII. This Red Daniels Call of Duty WWII Controller holder looks great holding your controller, smart phone or other device.

Call of Duty WWII Controller Holder In Use COD Gifts

This officially licensed Call of Duty gift is a fun stylized statue of the main protagonist, Corporal Red Daniels from campaign mode of WWII. You can even see the infantry division patch on his left shoulder! This little guy stands 8 inches tall and isn’t just about looking cool. The best feature of this collectible is it isn’t device or console specific. It holds Xbox One Controllers, PS4 controllers, Switch Controllers and more. It also works with pretty much any smart phone and can even be used with tablets and other mobile devices. This Call of Duty WWII controller holder includes a 10 foot long USB charging cable with adapters.

Call of Duty World War II Controller Holder Back View

WW2 Controller Holder Call of Duty

Red Daniels Call of Duty WWII Controller Holder Details:

  • Officially Licensed Call of Duty Product
  • Holds Xbox One, PS4 controllers and more
  • Holds your phone or other devices while charging
  • Includes a USB charging cord measuring about 10 feet long
  • Stylized after the Red Daniels character and his uniform seen in WWII


If you’re looking for an affordable and unique Call of Duty World War II gift, this is sure to suit your needs. This is a welcome addition to any fans collection.  This item is also available in other popular video game characters like Simon “Ghost” Riley from Ghosts, Sonic the Hedgehog and Ryu from Street Fighter V.

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